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Jerusalem Food


Nidal Kersh


2019, Hardcover, 192 Seiten


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Bold Flavors from the Middle East and Beyond

Taste Jerusalem’s multicultural flavors in dishes that showcase the region’s incomparable bounty, from hummus and chopped vegetable salads to fresh breads, shawarma, and baklava.

The city has always been a meeting place and a melting pot for many different cultures. It is home to dishes from North Africa, Southern Europe and neighbouring countries to the south and the east, as well as Eastern Europe and Russia. Jerusalem proves that food knows no boundaries.

Here you’ll find a mix of dishes, such as fattoush, schnitzel, kebabs, hummus and falafel, along with other classics like mana’ish, shawarma and baba ganouj. And, of course, there are simple but timeless pairings, like olives and Greek yogurt, with lots of za’atar and olive oil, and recipes for a variety of delicious breads and savoury vegetable, meat and fish dishes.



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